Palm Beach National Special Events

Host Your Perfectly-Planned Event at Palm Beach National —Palm Beach County's Most Fun and Friendly Special Events Venue!

It's all here – everything you need to make your event perfectly special is at your disposal at Palm Beach National – Palm Beach County's Most Fun and Friendly Special Events.

You can't just call yourself Palm Beach County's most fun and friendly country club. You have to prove it. We do that every day, by consistently delivering on the promise that your experience here will be completely beyond the normal, expected level of service!

Anyone can say that they provide great customer service and offer great value, but at Palm Beach National, we are known far and wide for having the most friendly, smiling and professional staff in the business. That’s true for everyone, from Club House Manager, Tony Lopez, to the servers and bartenders.

We know that your guests will remember two things after your event: the quality of the service and the quality of the food. Well, rest assured that your guests will be asking you to come back to PBN year after year. Tony will create the most sumptuous menus that you’ll wish you could eat every day! And you already know the entire team will create an incredible atmosphere for you.



The Perfect Event at the Perfect Price

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We have a menu to fit every occasion. Check out our menu offerings here.

What is the most important consideration for where you decide to host your event?
Staff Friendliness
Quality of the Food

Our team

Clubhouse Manager
Tony "The Tiger" Lopez takes delight in watching our guests reaction to his teams wonderful culinary delights. He is happy to sit and down discuss our various menu options with you and help you match the food to your event.

PBN Staff
The staff at Palm Beach National lives to serve and LOVES to celebrate.  We look forward to meeting you!